A leading figure in the Hip Hop scene Internationally as a respected Bboy, Rush Wepiha now adds his voice to the mix.


Born in Tauranga, New Zealand and raised in close proximity to his elders, Rush consequently has a deep awareness of his Māori culture and the lessons to be shared. His music is born from these lessons and from his experiences as an Indigenous man. He has something to say and now is his time to say it. “It’s our time to tell our stories, from our perspective, with our own local flava.”


Driven by a deep sense of belonging and an awareness of a need for an authentic vehicle to represent Māori culture, his goal is to inspire his people to be the best they can be. He is especially motivated to encourage rangatahi (youth) to combine the strength of their culture with the universal language of music and dance, to then embrace a positive lifestyle. 


Rush challenges his people to come together - united back to the land, and the values that define Indigenous greatness; community, family, health, culture, language and tradition. Core values that flow from Indigenous ancestors.


As a youth - Hip Hop gave Rush a platform to express himself.  Today Hip Hop fundamentals form the foundation of his expression on all fronts. His is an original message in the language of his people for his people, and for all people.


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